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  1. We Are Admitted In Many GA Courts & The GA Bar
  2. Our Admission To The GA Supreme Court Is Only One Of Many
  3. We Are A Part Of National Associations
  4. We Are A Member Of The American Bar Association As Well As Others
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  6. We Are State Certified In General Mediation
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We Have Helped Secure Millions For Our Clients

Our Clients Have Been Receiving Fair Settlements Since 1999.

Allen Turner Law Started Helping Injured Clients in 1999 with the goal of having Extraordinary Customer Care.

We only take on a limited number of cases so we can give our full attention to our clients physical, emotional and legal well being.

Client Feedback Is Very Important To Us

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Cindy B

Marietta, GA

Date: Feb 13, 2017
“Attention to detail, compassionate and knowledgeable!”

“...I Am Very Grateful For Allen Turner Law...”

Torey W

Marietta, GA

Date: Feb 11, 2017
“I reached out to Allen Turner Law last November, the night of our accident. We were rear ended in North Atlanta by a negligent and distracted driver. After seeking medical attention, we (my girlfriend and I) met with the attorney and the paralegal to discuss our case. That point was a turning point in not only our case but also our treatment. ATL attorneys and staff were most concerned about us both getting well and ensured we received all of the extensive therapy necessary to bring us back to the way we were before our accident. Ultimately, Allen Turner Law was very very helpful through the whole process, from referrals to medical professionals, helping the reimbursement process for replacing my car, and ultimately fighting for our Case which led to a settlement from the insurance company that I was very happy with. In addition, Lauren, the paralegal who was my 'go-to' for questions, always had all the answers, and was unbelievably helpful. I would recommend Allen Turner Law to anyone who may need any legal assistance. They accurately represented my case, respected my decisions, questions, and views regarding my case, and they were truly there to help, and for that I thank them! Upstanding professionals, hands down.”

“...We Were Rear Ended In North Atlanta...”

Dawn M

Marietta, GA

Date: Feb 10, 2017
“This law firm has an amazing staff! They are nice, personable, professional, super competent and did an excellent job keeping me informed throughout the process. If I ever have any future needs Allen Turner Law will be my first phone call!”

“...This Law Firm Is Super Competent And Did An Excellent Job...”

Meet Our Staff

Learn About The People That Make Up Allen Turner Law


Position: Attorney, Owner
Years of Experience: 17

Brief Bio:

I was born In Roanoke Virginia. Strange I know…right in those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains I still love so much and have recently opened an office in Blairsville, Georgia. Why strange? After all my Mom and her Mom and her mom’s mom and on and on till the records stop were from Roanoke. The strange thing is that urban legend has me born and raised in new Orleans Louisiana and I never did much to…

Rosalind Henderson

Position: Attorney
Years of Experience: 3

Brief Bio:

Rosalind Henderson has a solid record for providing sound legal advice, representation, and results. She has become an irreplaceable part of the firm by her hard work and dedication to her clients. In the few years she has been with us, she has acommplished the following: Georgia Bar Member Admitted Supreme Court of GA Admitted Court of Appeals of GA Admitted Northern District of GA Courts Admitted Middle District of GA Federal Court Admitted GA…


Position: Paralegal
Years of Experience: 3

Brief Bio:

Lauren Turner is a case manager and paralegal at Allen Turner Law. Prior to starting here career here she worked in retail management for 4 years. Originally she went to school to pursue Radiology but due to the competitive field and lack of jobs she later changed her focus to the legal industry. Lauren graduated from Penn Foster College with an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies and has been working for the firm since April…

Just a little about our history.

Everyone has a story, here's ours.

Allen's Story

In his own words: "I was born In Roanoke Virginia, right in those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains I still love so much. The strange thing is that urban legend has me born and raised in new Orleans Louisiana and I never did much to diffuse it.

"I did spend much of my adult life in Louisiana and certainly New Orleans. I owned property in the city until Hurricane Katrina changed everything.

"I served in The U. S Army National Guard as a combat medic in Baton Rouge and Monroe, Louisiana. I went to grad school at what is now the University of Louisiana in Monroe (formerly Northeast Louisiana University) and joined the U.S.A.F. while living there.

"I learned to fly in the soybean fields of North Louisiana and became a pilot stationed at the headquarters of the famous “Eighth” Air Force at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, LA. While in Louisiana, I flew around the globe from Japan to Iceland and from Africa to Guam. Later, I would fly the Lockheed C-130A and C141B for the Air National Guard using an “ELVIS” call sign!

"But, lets back up….I skipped a lot. When I was six I lived in Turkey where my father worked for a N.A.T.O. General. We lived with no phones or TV in a city with cobblestone streets and donkey carts. The only car I remember seeing was a staff car sent for my Dad.

"I spoke French and went to a Catholic French school and spoke Turkish and Greek also. The only people around to speak English to were my mother and father.

"When I returned to the US for second grade I lost those languages, but now find it very easy to pick up languages when I travel. Maybe there is some process there I don’t grasp.

"In high school I worked at the Smithsonian Institution until I got a draft card and I enlisted in the USAF where I was a surgical technician and then and EMT in Gulfport Mississippi. I went to college as an undergrad at Mississippi Gulf Coast Jr. College, Jefferson Davis Campus, where I earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Applied Science. This is when I got my first Shovelhead Harley-Davidson motorcycle and started a love of motorcycling.

"Next I went to Millsap’s College in Jackson, MS and received a BS in Chemistry where of course (wait for it)…my favorite course was Business Law. So, yes, I applied to law school and was accepted.

Concurrently, I started flying while getting my MS in Chemistry. I flew as a Second Officer, First Officer and Captain for Delta Air Lines and operated many large aircraft, flying to Rio de Janeiro or Beijing or Moscow to Sydney or London, Madrid, Rome, Istanbul, Athens to India or, well, you get the picture, just everywhere!

"I received a Master of Arts in Management from Webster University then attended Atlanta’s John Marshal Law School for my Juris Doctorate. I started helping injury clients in 1999. We now serve Georgians in 5 Metro Atlanta locations and treat each new client in the same caring family manner as the first."

Rosalind's Recent History

Rosalind received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Georgia in 1993.  She then went on to receive her Masters Degree from Georgia Southern University in 1995.  Rosalind received her Juris Doctor Degree in 2013 from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.  Rosalind is a Guardian Ad Litem as well as a state registered Mediator who has met the Georgia qualifications for mediating General Civil cases as well as mediating Domestic Relations cases.  In addition, Rosalind is an attorney whose experience as an advocate as well as a neutral, helps her provide practical case evaluations in a number of civil litigation areas, including Divorce/Family Law, Injury and Accident Cases, Criminal/Traffic, Wills, Trust and Probate, Workers Compensation, and Social Security Disability.

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