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Why Are You Looking For A Workers Comp Lawyer?

  1. I Have Been Injured On The Job!
  2. I Have A Permanent Disability!
  3. I Am Not Receiving The Benefits I Deserve!
  4. My Employer Fired Me For Not Being Able To Return To Work!
  5. My Hours And Benefits Have Been Cut Since The Injury!
  6. I Need Someone To Represent Me!

Why Are You The One Suffering

For An Injury You Sustained On The Job!

Our Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help You Get The Benefits You Deserve!

How Quickly Can I Get Help?

Within 60 seconds you can be speaking to one of our Senior Paralegals!

They are experts at getting your case started and setting up an appointment with one of our Workers Comp Lawyers.

What Should I Expect When I Hire Allen Turner Law?

Imagine the stress and worry about bills and medical expenses being lifted from you!

We take that burden and stress and make sure you are treated fairly!

What Makes Us Experts At Workers Compensation?

We have been successfully working workers compensation claims for over 25 years.

We have the experience and knowledge to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

What Are The Benefits Of Allen Turner Law?

1. We Have Excellent Customer Service

2. Our Clients Can Always Get Ahold Of Us

3. We Are A Local Business

4. We Are A Small Business

5. Our Rates Are Reasonable

6. We Have Very Low Turnover

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Recent Reviews

Cindy B

Marietta, GA

Date: Feb 13, 2017
Attention to detail, compassionate and knowledgeable!

"I Am Very Grateful For Allen Turner Law"

Torey W

Marietta, GA

Date: Feb 11, 2017
I reached out to Allen Turner Law last November, the night of our accident. We were rear ended in North Atlanta by a negligent and distracted driver. After seeking medical attention, we (my girlfriend and I) met with the attorney and the paralegal to discuss our case. That point was a turning point in not only our case but also our treatment. ATL attorneys and staff were most concerned about us both getting well and ensured we received all of the extensive therapy necessary to bring us back to the way we were before our accident. Ultimately, Allen Turner Law was very very helpful through the whole process, from referrals to medical professionals, helping the reimbursement process for replacing my car, and ultimately fighting for our Case which led to a settlement from the insurance company that I was very happy with. In addition, Lauren, the paralegal who was my 'go-to' for questions, always had all the answers, and was unbelievably helpful. I would recommend Allen Turner Law to anyone who may need any legal assistance. They accurately represented my case, respected my decisions, questions, and views regarding my case, and they were truly there to help, and for that I thank them! Upstanding professionals, hands down.

"We Were Rear Ended In North Atlanta"

Dawn M

Marietta, GA

Date: Feb 10, 2017
This law firm has an amazing staff! They are nice, personable, professional, super competent and did an excellent job keeping me informed throughout the process. If I ever have any future needs Allen Turner Law will be my first phone call!

"This Law Firm Is Super Competent And Did An Excellent Job"

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Our HOTLINE is always open.

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Our HOTLINE is always open.

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How Much Do You Charge For Workers Comp Cases?

Workers Compensation like Personal Injury Law is often times contingency based. That means that it doesn't cost you anything up front to hire us and have us represent you. In fact you don't pay anything until you get a settlement. Our fees come out of the settlement. One of the benefits of hiring us as stated above is that we are a small business and have low overhead so we are able to keep our rates lower than what you would typically have to pay a larger firm with similar experience.

We Don't Take On More Clients Than We Can Handle

Call Us Before Our Case Load Becomes Too Full.

Why Is Allen Turner Law The Logical Choice?

When choosing a lawyer to represent you in a Workers Compensation Case there a few things to consider. You want a lawyer that has plenty of experience to make sure nothing is overlooked in your case.
You also want one that doesn't have higher fees because of the amount of experience or their overhead.

Our firm has decades of experience and operates like a small business to keep our fees reasonable. We work very hard to be the best choice when it comes to hiring Workers Compensation Lawyers.

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Did you know GA Law makes it impossible to sue your employer for your injury. That makes it even more important to hire a good workers compensation lawyer to make sure you are getting the benefits you deserve.